About Me

About Me

Val JonesI honestly can’t remember not drawing…

One of my very first memories was my cousin Sue and I chalking pixies on a blackboard when I was three…I think it was the same year I asked Harvey, my next door neighbor, to marry me.

Art blended completely with school starting in first grade when the entire class painted a mural following a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo. In fact, I think my progression through elementary school was directly related to special deals and agreements between teachers to hand me “up” to the next classroom as bulletin board decorator, which usually began the week before school started. It made me feel “special” on many levels 🙂

After completing a career which had NOTHING to do with the art world, I recently started a new chapter in my life — writing and Val Jonesillustrating picture books for children.

SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and Highlights Foundation workshops have been priceless, offering valuable instruction by published professionals and wonderful opportunities to meet and be critiqued by Editors, Designers and Agents in the picture book industry. I highly recommend attending both SCBWI and Highlights workshops to build knowledge and meet other aspiring artists.

Val JonesMy FIRST PICTURE BOOK! Who Wants Broccoli? was released last year from HarperCollins…and no, it’s not about broccoli :)))

My studio is located in lovely Skippack, PA where I reside with my husband Robert along with Ollie the snuggle (schnauzer/pug) and Pity the kitty.

It’s been worth the long wait to pursue my dream and I still love picture books and tootsie pops…some things will never change 🙂